Assembly Systems

Manual Work Station

The value of good automation starts with the manual workstation. This is often the place to realise enormous efficiency potential.

Partial Automation

Partial automation is an ideal introduction to improving productivity through automation solutions. Start optimising your production at the key points. Our partial automation plans let you add further steps at a later time.

Partial automation is also a perfect start for pre-series. Considering the particular demands of the automotive sector, it often makes sense not to build the entire production unit straight away. Before series production starts, you can gradually scale and expand to full automation.

Fully Automated Systems

In fully automated production units, both the control of the individual machines, and the monitoring and adjustment are automated, in accordance with the closed-loop principle. Workers are responsible for start-up, the supply of raw materials or semi-finished products and, if necessary, product removal. They monitor the system, and initiate maintenance and servicing processes if necessary.

Hannes Eder Technical Manager Oberhofen, Managing Director MAXXOM Automation GmbH

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