Economic efficiency that does not consider the entire system is not economically efficient!  

Leading the way

MAXXOM solutions are pioneering. That is why we attach great importance to the following three core values. You are invited to measure our company against them over and over again with every new task. MAXXOM Automation is …


Each solution is customised to the client’s specific situation and takes into consideration all structural, design and logistical factors.


Automation solutions, regardless of whether they are manual workstations or fully integrated automation systems, are composed for efficiency at MAXXOM and thus develop their own aesthetic.


MAXXOM uses clear process guidelines and targeted creativity to create systems that consistently meet time, budget, and productivity targets.

The MAXXOM Process

1. Workshop
Asking the right questions leads to better plans for more productive systems.

2. Pre-concept
Rough layout and concepts for your high-performance automation solution.

3. Budgeting
Budgets that last. From order clarification to the overall project.

4. Commissioning
The detailed planning process leads to an on-time start of operation of a future-proof system.

Plant engineering with the perspective of a series producer – every day.

We take the entire environment into regard and merge the automation project with all its upstream and downstream processes in your series production – regardless of project size and degree of digitalisation or automation.

The entire process is solely about determining the right strategy to develop the best solution for each and every task.

This is what sets us apart:

Clean Processes

With MAXXOM, you don’t just buy an automation system – first and foremost you buy the clever idea behind it. In a collaborative process, we examine all aspects of planning (location, statics and building physics aspects, logistics, energy, existing infrastructure, efficiency and modernisation potential, …).

Working together with the client, we focus step by step on solutions that achieve the optimum in terms of economy and technology. Their implementation is professional craftsmanship.

Planned profitability.

Planning and Simulation

Let yourself be surprised by the creativity of system manufacturer MAXXOM and expect process-reliable solutions for your series production – efficient, productive and fail-safe thanks to multiple back-up systems. You wont buy all this like a pig in a poke. Instead, it will be optimised in advance in simulations (software, robot, system), and be prepared ready for a decision.

Serial reliability.

How to achieve sustainability

MAXXOM builds machines and systems in an ideal position that prevents both the waste of resources and money. There is no ecological justification for systems that have to be disposed of after just one run, nor is it economical to install only the most expensive components. Together with our clients, we assess what initial series and possible seconduse projects will require of the system, then plan a service life that optimises the use of resources and focuses on longterm profitability. Systems planned by MAXXOM use well-proven systems and can be easily adapted to subsequent series. This results in short response times and low costs.

Reflection pays off.


The Beauty of Perfection

Our ambition is not only to build systems that perform. Additionally, MAXXOM systems are aesthetically pleasing. The configuration, cable and line routes that are almost invisible, discreet maintenance access – the ‘cleaner’ the systems can be built, the more this is proof of the coherence of the concept and the engineering skill behind it.
Performance you can see.

Christian Schreiberhuber CEO Pollmann International

MAXXOM is a brilliant fit for the Pollmann Group. Their expertise in plant engineering and injection moulding automation complement each other perfectly.

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